The Artists

Guyan Porter, Mark C. Hewitt, Hollington and Kyprianou, Xelís de Toro and Alinah Azadeh have devised new works for Future Dreaming, involving painting, sculpture, installation and performance art in a series of interventions that connect their own practices with the themes of the project. 

Mark C. Hewitt

Mark C. Hewitt is a writer, theatre maker and director of live literature productions.  Artistic collaboration is central to his practice. He has developed a number of projects using text in the public realm. 

Recent writing for performance includes a site-specific café play, 'The Revenge Fantasy Club', and two experimental productions in collaboration with composer Peter Copley: 'scrublands' - first performed in the subterranean Old Police Cells Museum beneath Brighton Town Hall with live music for string sextet - and 'Expiry tbc' - a narrative set in the immediate hereafter with music for looped cello and lighting design by Kristina Hjelm. 

Hollington and Kyprianou

Simon Hollington and Kyp Kyprianou have been collaborating for over ten years producing installations, videos, publications, performance and site-specific interventions. They wilfully disturb competing histories, subjectively comparing and combining elements to create new narratives that are simultaneously funny and un-nerving.

Their work has been shown widely in the UK including Tate Modern, ICA London and the Arnolfini as well as internationally at the 51st Venice Biennale, mainland Europe, Australia and North and South America.

Xelís de Toro

Xelís de Toro has combined a writing career with artistic and cultural activism, publishing magazines, setting up publishing houses and organizing events. He published five novels in Galician, several of which were awarded important literary prizes. He has published over ten children's books, several of them translated into Catalan and Spanish. These have been taught in schools as well as used in a literacy campaign in the USA for teaching Spanish. 

As de Toro has moved further into the performing arts, so his work has begun to transcend written language, whether through acting (with dreamthinkspeak, il pixel rosso, tanglehead productions), as a performer in art galleries, or with his performance poetry/music band laboratoro.

Alinah Azadeh 
Alinah Azadeh is an interdisciplinary artist, working across borders of medium and culture. Her public installation works act as containers for narrative exchanges and self-reflection in response to the central themes of human experience,  rooted in live processes such as communal ritual, gift and exchange. Works include The Loom (Networked Bodies, 2005), The Bibliomancer’s Dream (South Bank Centre, 2009), The Gifts(Bristol Museum, 2010 / Zhejiang Museum, China, 2013) and Portraits of the Unseen (National Portrait Gallery, 2011).
 Azadeh - acting as collector, scribe and confessor - is beginning a national tour of Burning the Books, a live encounter project supported by ACE.  It offers a deeply human dialogue around debt in its many forms - financial, social, emotional, ecological and spiritual – by inviting online and on-street contributions to The Book of Debts, one Volume per location, which will then be publicly recited and ritually burned.