To expand the exploration of the themes and the scope of the project,
Future Dreaming includes an integrated educational programme including workshops on the future at local schools and Higher Education Colleges, along with a tour of the exhibition and workshops during the exhibitions and events. 

The workshops explore young peoples ideas about contemporary life and their dreams for the future. They will explore the subject of imagining the future, along with research on narrative structures and methodologies for charting and interacting with future events. The object is to look into empowered analysis, creative ways for shaping future thinking and holistic environments.

Working with young people will play a critical role in the development of the project, facilitating new skills for imaging the future, as well as exploring how we experience the changing nature of current events.

Workshops so far have included:

- A series of films produced by the students at Sussex Downs College

- Dialogues on the future

- Dialogues on new methods for exploring and disseminating future events